Challenging Opinions Episode 33 >> Rachel Goldsmith of the Free State Project

Rachel Goldsmith is the director of operations at The Free State Project, Facebook, Twitter.

Rachel Goldsmith

Rachel Goldsmith

They are encouraging Libertarians to move to New Hampshire to create a haven of Liberty.

The only Republican to win the popular vote in the presidential election since 1988 is George W Bush in 2004. Trump has stepped back from his promises to jail Hillary Clinton and said that there is 'some connectivity' between human action and climate change.

More people are already migrating from the US to Mexico than the reverse.

The US president is responsible for nominating the US's ambassadors overseas, but he is pushing for Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP, the British party with one seat in the UK House of Commons to be appointed the British ambassador to the United States.

Trump has questioned whether, under him, NATO would defend all of its members.