How to Listen to Podcasts

You can listen to the podcast right on this site but most people subscribe and listen on their computer, Android or iPhone/iPad, so new episodes download automatically. There are loads of apps and programmes to use, but here are some recommendations.

On an iPhone or iPad, the Podcasts app is probably already installed. Click this link, then just hit Subscribe.iTunes subscribe

This link to the Challenging Opinions feed  can be copied and pasted into almost any podcast software for a computer or app for a smartphone.

Listen to Stitcher On an Android phone or tablet, click on the icon to install Stitcher. Once you have it installed, click on the same icon again to listen to Challenging Opinions. You can favourite the programme and automatically get future episodes.

If you use Tunein Radio, click this link to be taken to the Challenging Opinions feed.

For a Windows PC, download MediaMonkey (the free version is fine). When you have it installed, click on the Podcasts section of the menu, then click the New Podcast button and paste in this link:

On an Apple Macintosh, if you have the iTunes installed, just click this link to subscribe to the Challenging Opinions podcast. You can install iTunes, available free from the Apple website.

On any other computer podcast client, including Rhythmbox for Linux, copy this link into the podcast subscription field.